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Distribution photometer
A distribution photometer is an measuring instrument that measures light intensity reflecting from the surface of the object, from various angles. A photometer measures light direction, light distribution and distribution properties from a light source, luminaire, medium, and surface.
Measured items Absolute light speed, color rendition, luminous efficiency, dominant wavelength, color temperature, chromaticity, luminous intensity data, light distribution, efficiency of luminaire, coefficient of utilization, glare, average illuminance diagram, isocandela diagram
Maximum acceptance properties of luminaire : 1,500mm / 30Kg / 600V / 20A
열화상 카메라
Spectrometer (integrating sphere)
Spectrometer, by allowing radiant light capture and distribution, is an instrument to rapidly measure spectrum properties like luminous flux, color temperature, chromaticity, and color rendition.
Measured items Luminous flux, luminous efficiency, total radiation-flux, peak wavelength, peak wavelength, chromaticity, color rendition
Maximum acceptance properties of luminaire : Φ2,000mm / 600V / 20A
Thermal image camera
Infrared image camera is used for thermal interpretation and analysis by measuring temperature of LED luminaire. Temperature difference is automatically calculated, temperature range and image can be measured precisely.
Measured items Temperature, temperature difference, spot temperature, box range, temperature difference
Maximum acceptable properties of luminaire : resolvable temperature difference (<0.05℃),temperature range (-20℃~650℃) Zoom (1~4 times, continuous), total number of pixel (43,200)
ESCO사업 측정장비
ESCO project measurement equipment
They are the whole measuring instruments and facilities for energy application analysis and energy reduction calculation when designing energy saving with ESCO project.
Measured items Infrared thermometer, ultrasonic flowmeter, digital anemometer, digital pressure anemometer, digital manometer, data recorder, thermometer, thermo-hygrometer, alternating current power meter, power analyzer, illuminometer, tachometer