Photovoltaic Power Generation Project

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1.Photovoltaic power generation

Photovoltaic power generation is a generation method to convert the sunlight directly into electric energy using a solar battery without help of a generator

2.Configuration of photovoltaic power generation

Grid connection system is a power system where direct current power generated from the module is converted into alternating current through an inverter and connected to the grid ower, requiring no battery. If power consumption is more than generation amount, electric power is sent to the service system. In case of night and adverse weather, if generation amount is less than power consumption, electric power is brought for use from the service system

Stand-alone photovoltaic power generating system is a power supply system to islands or backwoods where system power cannot be supplied, comprising solar battery modules, charging controllers, inverters, batteries, and generators. Besides, monitoring system can monitor photovoltaic generation in real time even at long range.

3.What is RPS project?

* RPS project

RPS project is the institution that a power generating company (obligatory supplier), holding generating equipment (except new renewable energy equipment) more than a certain size (500MW), shall supply new renewable energy more than a certain ratio of total generation.

* Obligatory supplier

It means an entity holding generating equipment (except new renewable energy equipment) more than 500,000 kW.

4. Generating equipment for general houses and households

- It is an independent power generating method by installing a photovoltaic power generating plant in the house, contributing greenhouse gas reduction, stable investment environment and market building through house energy consumption reduction and renewable energy equipment distribution at detached and multi-unit dwellings
Solar battery modules are installed on the roofs, windows, and rooftops of photovoltaic houses. The size of photovoltaic house support through the house support project is 3kW or less per household, requiring an installation area of about 23㎡.

5. Expected effects and advantages of photovoltaic energy

- The life of photovoltaic power generation, an eco-friendly generating system, is long over 30 years. Its maintenance, repair, and operation are simple, requiring less costs than existing generating equipment or other renewable energy. The most popular type of photovoltaic generating equipment in the world is now a house roof mounting type with flat solar energy modules.