Wind Power Generation Project

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1.Wind power generation

- A device, where wind energy or kinetic energy of the wind is converted to the rotating power with a rotor and this power rotates a generator shaft to obtain electric energy, is generally called a Wind power generator

2.Configuration of wind power generation

연계형 계통도
독립형 계통도

3. What is small power generation?

- Unlike a large wind power generator requiring high wind velocity, small power generator can be activated by low wind velocity. There is no limitation for installation at either downtown, buildings, or houses, not specific windy areas. Besides, regardless of wind direction, it can generate energy with wind of all directions, and also generate electric energy even with weak wind.

4. Wind power generation system classification

◆ Darrieus Type

VAWT(Vertical Axis Wind Turbine)
Darrieus type wind turbine developed in France in 1920 is of a vertical rotating blade inward and outward by wind. It can be operated with higher efficiency than the horizontal axis turbine, having a simple structure, not being influenced by wind direction

◆ Savonius type

VAWT(Vertical Axis Wind Turbine)
Savonius type turbine developed in Finland in 1922 is one of the simplest structured wind turbines. It is operating with the structure of half cylindrical blades facing each other. If we see from the top, its cross section looks like a "s" shape. It rotate relatively slow, but its strong rotating power allows the application to the place where installation cost and durability come first rather than energy extraction efficiency like an anemometer.

◆ Giromil type

VAWT(Vertical Axis Wind Turbine)
Giromil type turbine is a wind generator with the structure where vertically attached symmetrical blades automatically obtain the optimal angle of attack according to wind direction. It is easily designed and installed, but has disadvantages of lower efficiency than a Darrieus type wind turbine and the requirement of high wind velocity.

◆ Helical type

VAWT(Vertical Axis Wind Turbine)
Helical turbine developed for a hydraulic turbine in USA, is an advanced type of Darrieus type. Helical structure of two blades can be controlled from all positions. Noise and vibration properties are improved compared with a Darrieus turbine.

◆ Propeller type

HAWT(Horizontal l Axis Wind Turbine)
Propeller type turbine is a wind power generating system where a rotating shaft is installed horizontally against wind blowing direction, being acknowledged as the most popular power generation system at the moment. The number of blades differ from the use of a horizontal axis windmill. Normally, two or three blade windmill is used.

5. Expected effects and uses of GA wind generation

- Type: Vertical type wind turbine of a gyromil type

- As blade angle changes according to wind direction, drag is reduced and lift is increased so that generation is possible at low wind velocity.

- Wind generating module system generates power in one axis and one generator by modulating each vertical type turbine and connecting them in a stack.

- It is installed in a vertical stack. Generation can be controlled depending on the situation required by the customer.