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Personal Information Protection Policy

As our constitution guarantees fundamental rights of the people - secrecy and freedom of privacy, and secrecy of correspondence, covert detection of personal information and privacy by bugging/interception is illegal in principle. However, illegal bugging rampant in our society and information leakage in communication cause serious human right infringements, endangering liberal lifestyles of individuals We specify privacy policy as follows to guarantee the freedom of correspondence in information society by removing the makings of fundamental right infringement in principle and protecting privacy of GA membership strictly. GA privacy policy may be subject to change according to government laws, instructions and GA policy. Members are requested at any time to check notifications whenever to visit GA site.

1. Collection and use of personal information

The purposes of collecting personal information of GA membership are to offer optimal customized service to members through GA site. GA provides various contents with free and paid service. Then we can offer more useful information selectively to our members based on personal information provided by our members.
GA inserts advertisement to offer various service. Then, we can deliver valuable advertisement selectively having more useful information based on personal information of members


2. Personal information items and collection methods

GA receives personal information most necessary for service offering at the time of membership registration. Information received during membership registration includes member name, sex, birth date, postal code, etc. Besides, we request additional information to offer specific service.
We request to enter a mobile phone number for real name verification and additional information necessary for offering other service. Besides, we may request to enter personal information for group statistical analysis or giveaway delivery at the time of questionnaire survey or event performance. Then, we inform you that the information entered will not be used for any other purpose except the applicable service offering or the purposes clarified in advance to our members


3. Possession and disposal of personal information

While you receive service offered by GA as a GA member, your personal information will continuously be possessed by GA and used for offering service. However, if you delete your ID or request to cancel your registration in accordance with the procedures described in the following '7. Read, correct, and delete my personal information,' and if we have achieved the purposes, informed in advance, why we received personal information from you, personal information collected will completely be deleted from the hard disk and disposed of to avoid reading or use for any purpose. .


4. Offering and sharing of personal information

In principle, personal information of GA membership will not be disclosed to other people or companies or agencies. However, if a member agrees to disclose, or if a person breaches the terms of GA service regulations, or if a person gives legal damage to other people with GA service or impairs fine customs, and if it is well grounded that personal information be disclosed to take legal measures on such people, exceptions shall apply.
GA may share personal information of membership with business partners to provide better service.. In this case, prior to information collection or offering, GA will advise our members of who the business partner is, why such information is required, and until when/how to protect/manage information, and will ask for agreement. If our members do not agree, we will not collect additional information or share the information with a business partner.
When we run or send a classified ad to a certain sex, age, or specific group (e.g. women of 20s), personal information of membership will not be offered to the person or group who have requested the advertisement. If necessary for any statistical processing, academic research, or market survey, information will be offered in a form that does not permit direct association with any specific individual.


5. Operation and use of cookies

GA uses cookies in personalized and customized services to store and import membership information frequently. Cookies are small text files, which are sent to a user's browser by a server used for website operation, stored in your computer's hard disk.
After you visit a GA website and log-in, if you want to use personalized or customized services, you need to permit cookies. GA will find your ID information with cookies to offer more suitable and useful services for membership. Unique cookies are created to the user's browser visiting the GA website, and also used to check the frequency of visits of membership and non-membership or total number of visits to the GA website. Besides, cookie information is used for verification or assistance of product purchase at GA shopping, also for checking your participations in any events or survey.
By checking your visit to GA service and patterns with cookies, we can offer more useful and convenient services.
쿠Membership has an option for a cookie. By selecting an option in your web browser, you may permit all cookies, pass through verification whenever a cookie is stored, or refuse to store all cookies. However, if you refuse to store a cookie, you cannot use all GA services requiring log-in.


6. Technological/institutional management for personal information protection.

Membership personal information is protected by password. Password of your account is known to yourself only. Identification and change of personal information can be done only by yourself. Therefore, you should not inform anybody of your password. Besides, it is preferred to log-out and shut-down your web browser after finishing your work. In particular, if you share your computer with other people or use in the public area, the following procedures are highly deemed necessary to prevent the release of personal information to others.
GA takes measures to prevent damages from computer virus using vaccine programs. Vaccine programs are periodically updated. If a virus appears suddenly, we provide a vaccine program upon its release and prevent damages on personal information. To prevent membership personal information leakage from hacking, we are preventing attacks and hackings from outside using a external invasion block device, and monitoring any invasion for 24 hours by installing an invasion sensing system for each server. We provide for every contingency by backing up system and data against any damages on membership personal information.
GA limits the number of personal information handling staff, emphasizes the observance of this policy through non-scheduled education for the responsible staff, checks performances of this policy and observances by the responsible staff through audit by the audit committee, and if any problem found, corrective measures are taken immediately.


7. Read, correct, and delete his own personal information

You can at any time read, correct your registered personal and ask for deleting your ID.
If you have any complaint or opinion on personal information, please contact our personal information staff ( We will take immediate action upon receipt and let you know the result.


8. Children privacy

Children under the age of 14, are not permitted to send their own information to others. Before sending any information, they have to have parents' permission.
It is your own responsibility to keep your account passwords secure. Please do not tell other people about your passwords in any case, as GA never asks your passwords by mail or other ways. Please pay special attention not to let your personal information be released to your surrounding people while you log-on.


Personal information handling staff

  • Name : (GA Co., Ltd.)
  • TEL : 033-734-5000
  • E-mail :

The above updated GA privacy policy shall be in effect as from May 14, 2015.